10 November 2021

Since Emilien Di Gennaro was appointed the new Chief Executive Officer, it has been non-stop preparations for the commercial launch of the off/weak-grid home and small business fridge in December, and for preparing the FundRaise which will enable the scale-up of this revolutionary fridge in sub-Saharan Africa.  

Emilien has brought a wealth of solar industry experience and leadership to the SureChill team and is helping to develop our position as the leading provider in the solar fridge market. Utilising his considerable skill and insight in developing businesses in Africa, including building up the Senegal and Mali business for PEG Africa, is proving invaluable. 

In looking back over his first three months, Emilien explained “it has been great to be able to already meet with the UK based team, the Africa based team and more importantly meet our first pilot customers in Kenya. Seeing this unique technology close-up has been comforting for me after taking on the challenge to grow the business to mass commercialisation and bring cooling solutions to millions of underserved populations”. 

As well as spending time with the SureChill team based in the UK learning about the SureChill technology and seeing how we design and test our innovations Emilien has also spent a considerable amount of time in Kenya getting to know our customers and partners. 

On the back of his first field trip in Kenya, where he visited some of our initial pilot customers, Emilien stated  

“It is amazing to see how the fridge performs in the off-grid rural communities using the unique technology that means it can operate without any batteries. It is enabling our customers to improve their lives. Helping them increase their revenue generation potential by up to four times in some cases, allows them to have ready-to-eat food for the family and stores fresh fruit and vegetables for days.  

The excitement from the users was great to witness, and I am looking forward to seeing the further impact we have after the official commercial launch takes place at the end of December. Working with our network of distribution partners thousands of Kenyans will be able to enjoy the benefits of a fridge even if living off-grid.”  

Emilien will be based in Nairobi but will be very mobile as SureChill grows its footprint in both East and West Africa, and he aims at being as close as possible to its partners and end-users. 

If you are interested in becoming a distribution partner for the fridge in sub-Saharan African, do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information. 

Emilien Di Gennaro in Kenya
Field trip in Kenya