Medical refrigeration

Grid powered – Lite
medical refrigerator


GVR99 AC Lite

Ice Lined Refrigerator
PQS code – E003/082
Vaccine storage (litres)


Gross volume (litres)


Autonomy at 43°C

60 hrs

Power Source
Grid electric 220V & 110V
Dimensions (cm)
170 x 62 x 73.5 (H x L x D)
Weight (kg)
95 refrigerator
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Product overview

Sure Chill’s GVR99AC Lite vaccine refrigerator ensures perfect temperature control of 2-8ºC with absolutely no risk of freezing vaccines.
In the case of power outages the GVR99AC Lite can stay cool for as long as 60 hours in ambient temperatures of 43 ºC.
The innovative Sure Chill battery-less thermal energy store means no chemicals, greater reliability, lower maintenance costs and longer durability.
Product sheet

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Key features

No power, no problem

Built-in cold storage provides days of resilient cooling without power, ensuring vital vaccines and blood supplies remain perfectly chilled even with intermittent grid or solar.

Freeze-free guarantee

Many vaccines are destroyed when exposed to freezing temperatures. SureChill technology provides naturally controlled uniform cooling. Wherever vaccines are placed in our fridges, freezing is impossible.

Tried, tested, proven

WHO-approved and with years of testing both in our labs and in the field. Our products are robust and tailored to the unique challenges facing refrigeration in the developing world.

Built to last

Batteries need replacing. Our battery-free technology ensures products continue to provide perfect cooling year on year.

Built in resilience

SureChill technology’s built-in resilience acts as an insurance policy against power outages and provides healthcare professionals with the peace of mind that vaccines will remain perfectly chilled.

No harmful chemicals

With no batteries used for cooling and all our devices using R600a refrigerant, we are proud of our commitment to reduce the impact of all our products on the environment.

Technical data

62 x 73.5 x 170 cm (LxDxH)
Gross Storage Capacity
124 Ltr
Vaccine Storage Capacity
98.5 Ltr
Power Supply
Grid Electric
Grid Electric Details
220V & 110V
Power Consumption at +43°C
Stable running – 1.220 kWh/ 24 hours
Cool down – 1.729 kWh/ 24 hours
PQS Code
Net Weight
95 Kg for refrigerator
Quality Standard
ISO 9001:2008
Holdover Time
60 hours
Stuffing Quantity (20’/40′ Container)
20FT – 25
40FT – 50
Operating temperature range
2°C to 8°C

3D Model

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