Dr. Orin Levine, director of vaccine delivery at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently wrote an article for CNN discussing the top four innovations that are saving children’s lives. Sure Chill got quite the mention, see below or click here to read the full article.

“First, for vaccines to be safe and effective, they need to be kept cold. And in many countries, the climate is hot, and electricity is inconsistent or unavailable. Today, most vaccine storage refrigerators in developing countries are based on old technology that’s inefficient and unreliable. These refrigerators incur unnecessary costs for maintenance and fuel. It’s like they’re running on gas-guzzling cars from the 1970s when what’s needed today is something akin to an electric vehicle.

For the first time in decades, this area of equipment is benefiting from significant innovation. One example includes new vaccine refrigerators that are precise, are energy-efficient and use solar power rather than relying solely on the power grid to operate effectively.

The Sure Chill refrigerator uses hydro and solar power to keep vaccines cold for days without energy. Sure Chill refrigerators are being used in more than 30 countries and have become an important tool in humanitarian response efforts when distributing vaccines for cholera or measles can be especially critical.”