The Sure Chill company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), after taking part in the 12 week Dubai Future Accelerators Programme.

“It was only 150 days ago that this program was a mere idea and we wondered whether we could turn Dubai into a test bed for innovation,” said H.E Saif Al-Aleeli, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation. “In September,” he continued “we opened our doors to the world’s most innovative companies to work side-by-side with leading government departments to solve future civic challenges. The results these companies have achieved over the 12 weeks of the program have been remarkable. With nineteen out of 30 companies we have signed commercial agreements worth US$33.5M. At the Dubai Future Accelerators, we are committed to work with the world’s best and brightest to address global challenges.”

Unlike conventional refrigeration, the patented Sure Chill cooling technology does not require a constant electricity supply and can be used to time-shift energy usage. DEWA are particularly attracted to the breakthrough technology, to increase efficiency and cost savings within their electrical grid. The technology will also benefit businesses and homeowners by reducing electricity costs.

Ken Murray, UK Independent Energy Expert of Coisrig said of Sure Chill: “The technology is true Smart Application. Whilst keeping our goods and products chilled, Sure Chill can silently tap into periods of low power prices and provide support to Grid Operators as they manage peak loads. DEWA have recognised the potential in the technology which has truly global potential.”

The initial project will see Sure Chill vaccine refrigerators installed in Dubai, proving continual cooling without power and with no battery in sight. The aim of the pilot will be to evidence the significant positive impact financially and environmentally for DEWA and the users, in switching to Sure Chill refrigerators.

Nigel Saunders, CEO of Sure Chill said: “Sure Chill’s smart grid technology is a perfect fit with the needs of DEWA and other developed electricity grids around the world. The technology provides a mechanism to grids to manage demand, capacity and generation effectively. Our technology will provide DEWA with the ability to invest in the next generation of devices that will be required for Smart Grids to operate successfully. We look forward to growing a prosperous relationship and showing Dubai the scalable and adaptable capabilities of Sure Chill technology.”

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