Reducing costs, increasing energy efficiency

The ability to take power at cheaper times of the day, means lower costs and enhanced consumer experience as the coolers remain silent during the day.

Global demand for commercial refrigeration equipment will grow to $38bn by 2021. Advances will be bolstered in large part by ongoing industrialisation and food retail modernisation efforts in many of the world’s developing countries, such as China and India. Among developed nations, recovering economic conditions will drive demand and be characterised by reducing energy costs by using devices with greater energy efficiency.

Why Sure Chill?

Energy cost saving

The greater value in Sure Chill technology is the flexibility it allows to draw power from renewable sources when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing or to draw mains power at times of the day when it is more cost effective/convenient to do so.

In energy markets such as the UK where energy tariffs fluctuate throughout the day, reflective of demand and which incentivise off-peak consumption, Sure Chill offers a ‘demand side solution’ to reduce the cost of ownership of refrigeration devices and balance out energy load throughout the day.

Reduced energy consumption

Taking a Sure Chill compression refrigerator and comparing on a like-for-like basis with a conventional compression refrigerator (i.e. same size, same compressor), it is estimated that Sure Chill technology could deliver reduced energy consumption of as much as 15% against conventional technology.

This energy saving is produced due to the difference in the operation of the refrigeration circuit as a direct result of longer compressor run times.

Growing pressure

There is increasing pressure on retailers to reduce their energy consumption and improve their green credentials.

Retail chillers use vast amounts of energy and our research shows accounts for as much as 30-50% of the energy consumed by retailers is on refrigeration.

Product Vision

Internal retail cabinets
Remote retail cabinets
Produce coolers
More and more businesses are concerned with their impact on the planet. It matters to customers and, therefore, to sales. Sure Chill can help businesses to make a positive difference to the world.
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