Increasing shelf-lives, reducing food waste.

Breaking down the cold-chain barriers that stop food products reaching the customers that need them

With global food wastage estimated as high as 50% of all food produced, there is extensive evidence and research around the need for better cold chain provision from food to store. Research also widely recognises that ‘in developing countries, the lack of access to cold chain systems and reliable energy sources required to power them, results in large post-harvest losses 10-50%’.

It’s in this area of food loss where Sure Chill technology could best be deployed to improve the cold chain provision and reduce wasted food and money.

Why Sure Chill?

Sure Chill has the potential to extend shelf life through;

The ability to cool without power

Keeping food fresher for longer

Eliminating the risk of freeze damage to foods

Growing pressure of a growing population

Developing countries need improved agricultural productivity to feed growing populations, and better connections between farmers and different market options to drive economic development.

The global middle class is also expected to increase by about 3 billion by 2030, with much of this growth anticipated in these developing economies. This in turn will require new food systems to be established that create more rural-urban supply chains, and will need to produce new types of food to meet changing consumer expectations.

Product Vision

Sure Chill technology has the potential to be applied at every stage of the supply chain.
More and more businesses are concerned with their impact on the planet. It matters to customers and, therefore, to sales. Sure Chill can help businesses to make a positive difference to the world.
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Sure Chill is a unique new cooling technology with the power to impact on people and business around the world.

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