Medical Refrigeration


medical refrigerators

Dependable & accurate medical refrigerators for temperature-sensitive drugs and vaccines


Solar Direct Drive
PQS Code – E300/105

Vaccine storage (litres)

Gross volume (litres)

Autonomy at 43°C 
96 hrs

Power Source
Solar Array
Multicrystaline panels 470wp


Product Overview

GVR25 Lite DC is powered by the SureChill technology, a unique cooling technology that ensures perfect temperature control with no risk of freezing vaccines. With a holder over 3+ days, the solar-powered GVR25 Lite DC is lighter, more efficient, taking up minimal floor space and comes with a temperature data logger.

Technical Data
Key Features
Technical Data

  • Dimensions 77.4 x 81.8 x 109.7 cm (LxDxH)
  • Gross Storage Capacity 41 Ltr
  • Vaccine Storage Capacity 27.5 Ltr
  • Energy Source Solar direct drive
  • Solar Array Details Multicrystalline panels 500 WP
  • Energy Consumption, Stable Running 0.88 kWh/24 hours
  • Energy Consumption, Cool Down Test 0.90 kWh/24hours
  • Power Consumption at +43ºC (Stable running and cool down) 0.85 kWH/ 24 hours
  • Refrigerant R600a
  • PQS Code E003/103
  • Weight 65 Kg
  • Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008
  • Holdover Time 3+ days
  • Stuffing Quantity (20’/40′ Container) 21 / 42
  • Minimal Thermal Shock Designed to minimise thermal shock during usage, as compared to the conventional refrigerators
  • Operating temperature range 2°C to 8°C
  • Voltage and frequency 2 x 250 Wp, 24V solar panels


Key Features

  • Solar Power Enabled
  • Easy to use plug and play solar panels
  • Does not rely on batteries to store energy during periods of no power
  • SureChill technology guarantess never to freeze vaccines

3D Model

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