Medical refridgeration


medical refrigerators

Dependable & accurate medical refigerators for temperature-sensetive drugs and vaccines


PQS Code – E003/103

Vaccine storage (litres)

Gross volume
90 ice packs – 14.4 (34 x 0.6L)

Autonomy at 43°C 

Power Source
Mains Electric 220V & 110V

Product Overview

Powered by the Sure Chill technology – ensuring no risk of freezing, GVR 55 FF AC is a combined fridge freezer for storing vaccines and water packs for supporting last-mile immunization. With holdover up to 4+ days, GVR 55 FF AC is environment-friendly, has a digital display thermometer and requires only 2.5 hours per day of power to operate.

Technical Data
Key Features
Technical Data

  • Dimensions 182 x 79.5 x 75 cm (LxDxH)
  • Gross Storage Capacity 57.5 Ltr
  • Vaccine Storage Capacity 58 Ltr
  • Energy Source Main Electric 220V & 110V
  • Energy Consumption, Stable Running kWh / 24 hours
  • Energy Consumption, Cool Down Test  kWh / 24 hours
  • Refrigerant R290
  • PQS Code E003/103
  • Weight 200 Kg (boxed)
  • Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008
  • Holdover Time 4+ days
  • Stuffing Quantity (20’/40′ Container) 
  • Minimal Thermal Shock Godrej Medical Refrigerator minimises thermal shock during usage, as compared to the conventional refrigerators
  • Operating temperature range 2°C to 8°C
  • Voltage and frequency 
  • Indian Patent no. 313736(Refrigeration Apparatus)
  • US Patent no. 9618253
  • EP Patent no. 2454539 

(All these Patents are under licensed from SureChill)

Key Features

  • Comes with 24 ice packs that can be used in portable vaccine carriers
  • Up to 4+ days holdover
  • Sure Chill technology guarantees never to freeze vaccines
  • Freezer capacity: 15L (0.6 x 24L water packs)

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