Medical refrigeration

Robust, dependable, approved.

Our World Health Organization (WHO) approved medical refrigerators provide reliable 2-8ºC cooling in even the harshest environments, both off-grid and on weak grid. 

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Our solar range

Provides continuous cooling despite the fluctuations in solar availability, perfect for off-grid medical centres and clinics

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Our grid range

Suited to areas affected by power outages, ensuring vital and valuable vaccines are protected from power-cuts

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Our Lite range

Suited to areas with shorter power outages, the Lite range offers enhanced storage space in a more compact form.

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    Your protection for vital medicines against power outages.

    No power,
    no problem

    Built to last

    Freeze free guarantee

    Robust and secure

    Tried, tested, and proven

    Our technology

    Protecting life-saving vaccines.

    Most vaccines need to be kept between 2-8ºC at all times to remain effective, which can be difficult in off-grid or weak grid areas. Our groundbreaking technology uses water as a natural energy store, like an endlessly rechargeable battery. 

    The innovative energy storage allows refrigerators to continue providing perfect 2-8ºC cooling for days without power, even with the refrigerator in normal use in ambient temperatures of 43ºC. This ensures that vaccines and essential chilled medical supplies remain secure, protected, and effective.

    The strongest link in the cold chain.

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    Why SureChill?

    Reliable cooling

    No power, no problem

    Built-in cold storage provides days of resilient 2-8ºC cooling without power. This ensures vital vaccines and blood supplies remain perfectly chilled even with intermittent grid or solar.

    Freeze-free guarantee

    Many vaccines are destroyed when exposed to freezing temperatures. SureChill technology provides naturally controlled uniform cooling. Freezing is impossible for vaccines in SureChill refrigerators.

    Tried, tested, proven

    World Health Organization approved and with years of testing both in our labs and in the field. Our products are tough and tailored to the unique challenges facing refrigeration in the developing world.

    Robust cooling

    Built to last

    Specifically designed for use in harsh environments, our refrigerators are robust, reliable, and secure. Our battery-free cooling technology removes the need to replace costly and unreliable batteries.

    Built in resilience

    SureChill technology’s built-in resilience acts as an insurance policy against power outages. It provides healthcare professionals with the peace of mind that vaccines will remain perfectly chilled between 2-8ºC and effective.

    Sustainable cooling

    No batteries used for cooling and all our devices use R600a refrigerant. We are proud of our commitment to reducing the impact of all our products on the environment.

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    See our grid range

    See our Lite range
    We work with
    Our reach

    Designed in Britain
    used around the world.

    Since 2011 SureChill has worked with trusted, quality manufacturing partners to supply products across the world, to the people who need them the most. By establishing and training a global network of service and sales partners, we’ve enabled an exceptional customer experience, all over the world.

    Recent projects


    Medical refrigeration – vaccines
    Installation – December 2019

    Vaccine refrigerators distributed, installed and commissioned across the 13 provinces of Senegal. Local technicians were trained in-country to install the devices.

    El Salvador

    Medical refrigeration – vaccines
    Installation – June 2020

    SureChill’s combination vaccine refrigerator / icepack freezer distributed across the country. 


    Medical refrigeration – vaccines
    Installation – September 2020

    Vaccine refrigerators distributed, installed, and commissioned across the seven regions of Niger, in some of the most inhospitable and remote locations on the planet. Local technicians were trained in-country to install the devices and the required solar arrays.

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    For any enquiries or if you’d like to find out more about what we’re doing at SureChill please get in touch with us here.

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    Refrigeration reinvented


    SureChill is a revolutionary refrigeration technology. Regular cooling needs constant power, SureChill doesn’t.