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cooling, naturally

A PAYG ready solar fridge that keeps cooling even after the sun goes down, with no battery required. Unlocking access to life-changing and sustainable cooling for everyone, everywhere.




Provides continuous cooling even for periods without sunshine. For off-grid areas, ready for SHS.

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Suited to areas affected by power outages, cooling whatever the power situation.

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An off-grid PAYG solar fridge on Angaza’s secure and efficient mobile payment system.

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    Robust and dependable fridges for use

    off-grid, on unreliable grid or on mini-grids.

    No power, no problem

    No battery required

    Solar home system and mini-grid ready

    PAYG enabled with Angaza

    Domestic and productive use

    Our technology

    Cooling without batteries, or boundaries.

    Our ground-breaking technology uses water as a natural energy store, like an endlessly chargable battery.

    The innovative energy storage allows refrigerators to continue providing perfect cooling for days without power. Providing reliable and sustainable cooling in the most remote locations and extreme environments.

    Refrigeration access for all.


    Why SureChill?

    Reliable Cooling

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    No power, no problem

    Resilient cooling without constant power, your fridge works seamlessly alongside solar, unreliable grid and mini-grid power solutions.

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    Solar home system ready

    Our fridge’s ability to cool without power allows it to operate perfectly without being a drain on Solar Home System’s battery.

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    Perfect for mini-grids

    Our fridges are perfect for mini-grids as they only use power during off-peak times or when there’s surplus power.

    Robust Cooling


    PAYG ready

    The PAYG feature allows our fridges to be used on Angaza’s secure and efficient mobile payment system. Pay-as-you-use cooling as never been so easy.

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    No nasties

    All our devices use R600a refrigerant. We are proud of commitment to reducing the impact of all our products on the environment.

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    No batteries required

    Batteries need replacing. Our battery-free technology ensures our fridges continue to provide perfect cooling year-on-year.

    We Work With

    More than just a fridge

    A direct and lasting


    Refrigeration can have a huge impact on communities and families that haven’t previously had access to it.

    Agricultural Use


    Keeps produce fresher increasing sales value and reduces trips to market.

    Domestic Use


    Has fresh food for her children to eat for breakfast, they now go to school full.

    Domestic Use


    Reduces the time spent on cooking, travelling to the market and eliminates waste.

    Productive Use


    Enables her to sell cold beverages at a premium, tripled her sales volume.

    “With the extra money I earn from my new cold juice business I can now afford to send my children to school.”

    Productive user, Kenya


    “I can spend more time with my family now that I cook and go to market less often.”

    Domestic user, Kenya

    “That fridge has allowed me to save money on travel and cooking fuel as well as allowing me to buy in bulk.”

    Domestic user, Kenya

    Helping to create a more equal and safer world.

    We’ve seen first-hand the impact of refrigeration in providing more equitable futures to all.

    Access to reliable refrigeration helps free up time at home by reducing household tasks and unpaid work, allowing for greater opportunities in education and small business development. The effects are markedly felt by women and girls, to help unlock their potential.

    Empowering women improves health, wellbeing, education, and income within a household. And it starts a ripple effect throughout future generations, which helps reduce poverty and increase prosperity. We know refrigeration is so much more than cooling, it can have a direct and lasting impact.

    Become a distributor

    Commercial opportunities for solar and mini-grid businesses.

    Want to help us bring refrigeration to the homes of people who vitally need it?


    Widens portfolio drives additional revenue with little effort.

    Competitive advantage

    Operates without the need for a battery reducing maintenance and eliminating replacement costs.

    Customer Retention

    Discourages customers from moving to competitors and increases their lifetime value.

    Emerging customer demand

    Most desired appliance in emerging markets after lighting, mobile phones, and TVs/radios.

    Product range

    Adds an inspirational product to your portfolio, attractive to high value customers.

    High customer satisfaction

    High referral rates and strong ‘Net Performance Scores’ during trial. 

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