10 November 2021

At SureChill we are committed to making a positive and sustainable difference in the world, so we are delighted to announce that we have signed up to play our part in supporting GOGLA achieve this milestone.  

Globally there are over a billion people who still don’t have reliable energy access and 760 million people without access to any electricity.  With no alternatives many turn to dangerous and often environmentally damaging substitute products to light and power their homes. The “Power 1 billion lives by 2030 aims to provide energy to communities who are currently locked in energy poverty. 

One of the key actions required to aid GOGLA as they aim to achieve the ‘Power 1 billion Lives’ is the development of affordable, high-quality, and sustainable products and services, designed specifically to meet the real needs of customers who have been previously overlooked or out of reach. 

This is where we at SureChill can play an integral role to support GOGLA with its ambitions. Our PayGo fridges are specifically designed to meet the needs of communities in developing economies and will deliver access to reliable cooling to millions of people.  

We aim to do this through establishing innovative business models and partnerships to ensure products can be made available on fair and affordable terms to those that need them most. Whilst also ensuring that we do business responsibly and sustainably.

Get in touch for more information hello@surechill.com

Interested in joining us in contributing to GOGLA’s mission? Find out more below. 

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