Sure Chill has received more recognition for it’s world-changing potential, winning the Health category at the inaugural Future Planet Awards.

On May 23rd, a panel of judges chaired by world renowned architect Lord Norman Foster will quiz Sure Chill and four other winners of different categories. The event in London will be in front of a live audience of prodigious investors and venture funds, in a bid for the ceremony’s top prize.

The Future Planet Awards believe that bringing the world’s biggest investors together with its brightest minds can help to address humanity’s greatest environmental and social challenges. Sure Chill uses low-energy refrigeration to address a major global health challenge, and in the future will enter new sectors to save vast amounts of energy and make it possible for everyone in the world to access cooling.

Our CEO Nigel Saunders explains: “We are delighted to be winners of the Health category for the Future Planet Awards, which commends cutting-edge companies changing the world for the better. We have a passion to improve lives, globally. Sure Chill technology was first launched in 2011 and is now used in over 40 countries.”

“Today,  the technology is purchased by UNICEF and Ministries of Health, ensuring vaccines and other lifesaving supplies remain perfectly cool in locations plagued with power outages. We plan to unlock cooling for billions of people, whilst reducing energy demands on electricity grids. Most importantly, keeping vaccines, foods and other vital supplies perfectly cool when the power goes out.”

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