About us

Where do the ideas with the power to change the world come from?

Sure Chill is disrupting the cooling industry, we’ve started with the vaccine cold chain, but we plan to take on the entire cooling world. The technology is beautiful, it’s adaptable to suit any cooling requirement from food to data and it’s scalable from cool box to warehouse.

Far reaching

It’s a technology with the power to save lives and improve healthcare by bringing reliable cooling to countries without reliable power. It can improve living conditions too, enabling people to enjoy the benefits of chilled food and the pleasure of a cool drink where it has not previously been possible.

For global brands, it provides innovative refrigeration systems that keep their products in perfect condition. For humanitarian agencies, a way to take life-saving vaccines to areas most in need.

Perfecting the impossible

We’ve spent years converting a simple idea into a working technology. Years of building prototypes, over and over again, changing just one variable at a time. Years of testing and perfecting and patenting.

You have to be passionate and a touch obsessive to do this. Qualities shared by our technologists and by our business leaders. People making the impossible possible.

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Six good things to know about Sure Chill technology


Scalable and adaptable

Our technology can be adapted to suit any cooling need and be used at every stage of global supply chains – from warehouse to cool box.

Freeze free guaranteed cooling

The unique way Sure Chill cools ensures that it never allows its contents to freeze or come into contact with any frozen surfaces. Whether its refrigerating food or medical supplies, it’s guarantees freeze free cooling.


A natural energy store

Sure Chill stores energy naturally so it keeps on cooling when the power goes out. And because it’s natural, the energy store can be charged endless times


Proven to work with renewable energy

From Kenya to Colombia, our technology is perfect with renewable energy. So it can store energy whenever the sun shines or wind blows.


Keeps food fresher for longer

Sure Chill technology is proven to extend the shelf life of foods. The technology works differently to cooling systems and does not dehydrate foods.


Low cost, energy efficient and planet friendly

Saving money, saving energy, saving the planet and saving lives, Sure Chill is efficient on every level.

Meet the team behind Sure Chill


Sure Chill is a unique new cooling technology with the power to impact on people and business around the world.

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