Fresh cooling, fresh thinking.

Allowing beverages to be served at their coolest and freshest anywhere in the world.

Global drinks brands recognise that their future growth will be in emerging economies. Yet many of these countries often suffer with poor power supplies which affects the ability to serve a chilled drink. It is estimated that while drinks brands procure millions of beverage coolers per annum, they have no solution that offers the same reliable cooling whether a location has power or not. Sure Chill has the potential to help solve the cooling challenge for global drinks brands by opening new and previously inaccessible markets.

Why Sure Chill?

Reliable, resilient and effortlessly efficient, Sure Chill technology takes commercial refrigeration to a new level of cool.

Growing pressure

With a growing global middle class and aspirations to drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a social capacity, there is a growing demand in rural locations across Africa, Asia and South America for reliable cooling technology.

Drinks brands recognise that the first company to be able to offer perfectly chilled drinks in rural locations with poor power supplies may just capture the market and be rewarded with customer loyalty.

And we believe that is us.

More and more businesses are concerned with their impact on the planet. It matters to customers and, therefore, to sales. Sure Chill can help businesses to make a positive difference to the world.