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Long-term vaccine cold box

Using patented Sure Chill technology, the Passive Vaccine Cooler keeps vaccines perfectly cool for up to 35 days with no power and absolutely no risk of freezing.

Sure Chill technology works by harnessing a unique property of water to provide 4°C cooling. While the pre-frozen ice packs provide the cooling energy, Sure Chill ensures that vaccines are never frozen and always safely stored between 2 – 8°C.

Benefits of the Sure Chill LTV cold box


Long-term Vaccine Cold Box


Vaccine storage (litres)
Dimensions (cm)
66.4 x 61.0 x 98.5 (HxLxD)
Cold Life at 43/25˚C (Day/ Night cycle)
35 Days
Cold Life at 32/15˚C (Day/ Night cycle)
40 days
Type of ice packs required
0.6/ 0.4/ 0.3 Litres
Number of ice packs required
54 x 0.6 Litres
Weight empty
65 kg
Weight fully loaded
97.4 kg