We’re changing the way the world keeps things cool.

Sure Chill is a unique new cooling technology with the power to impact people and business around the world.

It doesn’t need a constant power source. With intermittent or erratic power, it works perfectly well. Without power, but teamed with solar, it also works perfectly. Sure Chill acts like an energy store to set appliances free. It shouldn’t be possible, yet it is.

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Global health

World Health Organisation tested and approved medical refrigerators using Sure Chill technology are already helping to save lives in some of the most difficult environments on earth. The refrigerator’s ability to safely store essential medical supplies is proving to be vital in the successful delivery of vaccination programmes.


Half of all food produced worldwide is wasted.
In developing and developed countries, the refrigeration of food is essential for safety and storage throughout the harvesting and production process.

Sure Chill technology can help farmers preserve their harvest, and help retailers to keep food fresher for longer.


Drinks need to be served at their freshest and coolest, even in the hottest countries. Manufacturers know that future growth will be in emerging economies, but many of these countries have poor power supplies.

Sure Chill can help solve the cooling challenge for global drinks brands by opening new and previously inaccessible markets.


Global demand for commercial refrigeration equipment will grow to $38bn by 2018. Advances will be bolstered in large part by ongoing industrialisation and food retail modernisation efforts in many of the world’s developing countries, such as China and India. Among developed nations, recovering economic conditions will drive demand and be characterised by reducing energy costs by using devices with greater energy efficiency.


To meet global future energy needs, energy providers are under increasing pressure to deliver more power, and to do so in a more reliable, efficient and sustainable manner whilst also reducing and managing demand.

Energy markets around the world are migrating towards the establishment and developed use of smart grid technology. Sure Chill’s ability to combine accurate cooling with energy storage is perfectly suited.

Home appliances

It is estimated that there are 1.4bn refrigerators in use in the world and that they account for 14% of total residential energy consumption. Yet, for many countries the luxury of having a refrigerator in the home is simply not possible due to poor electricity supplies. Significant opportunities therefore exist for Sure Chill technology in emerging nations.

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Sure Chill is a unique new cooling technology with the power to impact on people and business around the world.

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